2021 Virtual Summit

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Women of Color and Capital 2021 Virtual Summit.

Accessing capital is the biggest challenge women of color entrepreneurs face.

The truth is, black women have the least access to capital for their businesses, with less than 5% of Venture Capital going to female-led startups globally.

For this reason, the 2021 Women of Color and Capital virtual summit converged diverse women entrepreneurs, professionals, and high-profile speakers who shared their knowledge about wealth building and access to capital.

We had 2-panel discussions and 2 masterclasses, all of which focused on ensuring you, as a woman of color, achieves a robust financial future and success in your business.

Read ahead to learn more:

Panel 1: Business Capital: Funding and Investor

Adeola Adejobi, Founder of Women of Color and Capital and Avant-Garde Network, said, “Women of color are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs, but the lack of access to capital continues to be the missing piece that hinders our businesses.”

This panel offered a solution to this problem by focusing on capital opportunities for startups and small businesses operated by women of color.

In it, the speakers shed light on how the landscape has changed regarding business funding.

Additionally, they discussed details about good money versus bad money, which brought about the idea of strategic partnerships.

Efe Ukala, Founder of ImpactHer and one of the panelists, illustrated, “when you are looking for good money, also look for strategic partners.”

Panel 2: Investor Capital: Investors and Funds

$50 billion was committed to supporting businesses owned by women of color. However, only $250 million has been deployed.

What could be the problem, and how has the landscape changed to ensure full deployment of this money?

This is a question most women of color entrepreneurs seeking funding would want an answer to.

During the summit, the speakers shed light on how the landscape has changed in diversifying capital allocation and ensuring all women of color access capital for their businesses.

And while there is progress when it comes to the deployment of capital, Gayle Jennings O’Byrne, Cofounder of Wocstar Fund, and one of the panelists, gave a piece of substantial advice, “the community of women of color needs to do a lot to amplify and advance situations to where we want it to go.”

Businesses are struggling during the pandemic. And there is more demand for venture capital, especially among women of color. For this reason, the speakers shared valuable knowledge on how all business owners can strategize themselves to become fit for Venture Capital.


Masterclass 1: Wealth Building by Lanre Oladipo, Founder and CEO of Oladipo Wealth Management.

The masterclass covered everything to do with wealth building; definition, must-knows when building wealth, wealth-building tools, the principle of balance, and the wealth-building process.

And one interesting fact that Lanre shared is that wealth building is simple. However, it is a process that needs consistency and perseverance.

Masterclass 2: Reg CF - Equity crowdfunding by Venroy July, Partner, Dickinson Wright.

This was the last session of the summit, but epic. Venroy shared substantial knowledge about the following

  • What is Security, and why you need to abide by the security rules

  • The history of REG CF

  • How REG CF works, and many more.

In conclusion, the 2021 WOCXC Virtual Summit covered everything you need to know to secure financial success as a woman of color. Check out our website to learn more about women of color and capital. Plus, you can receive our updates about specific details shared during the 2021 Virtual summit.


Women of Color and Capital’s commitment is to help women rise and thrive by closing the gap and help them have access to capital, and create intergenerational wealth.

Every year, this WOCXC convenes thousands of women delivering rich informative content with the help of over 60+ speakers on different aspects of wealth building, financial freedom, access to capital, investments, and many more!

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