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Breaking Barriers, Building Dreams!

Welcome to Women of Color and Capital (WOCXC), where we believe in the power of women to create economic growth and drive positive change in our communities. Our mission is to empower women of color by providing access to capital, mentorship, and networking opportunities, and to inspire the next generation of women of color leaders.

We invite you to join our community and take advantage of the resources, events, and workshops we offer. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to launch or grow your business, an investor looking to diversify your portfolio, or a woman of color looking to advance in your career, WOCXC is here to support you.


Join a community of over 10,000+ entrepreneurs, professionals investors, business owners and more! 

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We connect our networking with opportunities to building business capital and learning opportunities.

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WOCXC provides courses, training, masterclasses and our annual conference to support our professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses owners to get the training and insights they need to be successful. 

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Women of Color and Capital is built on five core pillars: Personal Finance, Small Business, Women as Investors, Emerging Managers, and Women in Finance/Corporate Leadership. Each of these pillars is designed to provide members with the resources, knowledge, and support they need to succeed in their careers and build impactful businesses.


Personal Finance: At WOCXC, we understand the importance of financial literacy and independence. Our Personal Finance pillar offers resources and advice on budgeting, investing, and building wealth, so our members can take control of their financial futures.


Small Business: WOCXC is committed to supporting women of color entrepreneurs at every stage of their business journey. Our Small Business pillar offers funding opportunities, mentorship, and advice to help members launch and grow their businesses.


Women as Investors: Women of color are underrepresented in the world of finance and investing. Our Women as Investors pillar is dedicated to changing that. We offer resources and support to help women of color become savvy investors and take control of their financial futures.


Emerging Managers: Our Emerging Managers pillar is focused on providing support and resources to women of color who are launching and growing investment firms. We believe that by supporting emerging managers, we can help to diversify the finance industry and create opportunities for women of color.


Women in Finance/Corporate Leadership: WOCXC is committed to helping women of color break through the barriers that exist in the finance and corporate worlds. Our Women in Finance/Corporate Leadership pillar offers mentorship, networking, and career advice to help women of color advance in their careers and achieve their professional goals.


The impact of WOCXC is clear - our members are building successful businesses, creating jobs, and driving economic growth in their communities. By providing access to capital and resources, we are helping women of color entrepreneurs to overcome the barriers they face and achieve their goals.

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It is our dedicated mission to educate, support and provide necessary tools and resources to women of color so they can build a fulfilled, authentic and financially successful life. Achieve intergenerational wealth, invest smartly, manage funds and gain capital to grow your businesses.

Join our empowering movement today!

WOCXC is committed to helping women of color break through the barriers that exist in the finance and corporate worlds.

Our Women in Finance/Corporate Leadership pillar offers mentorship, networking, and career advice to help women of color advance in their careers and achieve their professional goals.

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Women of Color and Capital™ is an exclusive community of like-minded women who possess a drive to thrive and to achieve intergenerational wealth, business capital, profitable investing, venture capital and so much more.  

If this sounds like you, you are in the right place! Women of Color and Capital™ held annual virtual and in-person conferences and summits in with thousands of attendees and speakers and we are bringing you more in 2023.  


Our expert speakers from diverse industries interacted directly with our attendees and gave them powerful tools to implement in their own financial journeys.


 Join our community and grow your personal and professional financial know-how through our focused conference masterclasses and courses. Our online membership is coming soon!


Sign up now and get access!

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“The Women of Color and Capital Conference was fantastic! I learned so much amazing information about how to invest our money and do it well, how to become investors, and learn from the women in the room. There were so many amazing people from different backgrounds and different fields to connect with. I now have the opportunity to build up my team. To know that I need wealth management, I need someone that will have my back when it comes to finances. I need someone on the law side to make sure that when I'm investing I’m doing it well and can give me the right mindset and feedback. And also to know that I belong in those rooms, how to have confidence, when I walk into a room when no one looks like me and have a conversation from my knowledge base, so thank you so much and I'm so excited for next year."

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“The Women of Color and Capital Conference filled an enormous void in the conversation on economic access and opportunities for historically overlooked communities like mine. As a real estate broker, attorney and investor, I learned concrete ways to improve my personal and professional finances and how to leverage my network to position myself for success. Being in a room with 500+ black professionals, business executives and entrepreneurs at the top of their game was inspiring and affirming. Knowledge + Networking is a win in my book."

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"The conference was excellent. I enjoyed that it was not just an "empowerment" event or even just a networking event, though there was significant opportunity for great networking. Importantly, I felt that I got several concrete takeaways and action items that I could use to further my business and to well-position myself for when I am ready to seek funding. This conference was certainly worth more than the cost and I would highly recommend it to other founders and potential investors. I would love to see this event get even bigger next year!"

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